With all the stunning features of a luxury resort, this South Florida residence is a veritable tropical paradise—neither plane tickets nor passports required

There’s nothing quite like a vacation getaway, but for the Delray Beach family that lives in this 21,000-square-foot home, their backyard is unquestionably the next best thing. It’s a house that has all the elements of a luxury resort, and better yet, those who get to enjoy it get it all to themselves!

Inspired by the homeowners’ travels, this spectacular outdoor environment offers tranquility and intimate moments, but easily becomes the ultimate venue for a killer pool party when the occasion calls for it.

“They brought back photos from their vacations to Vegas and Bali, then asked us to combine various features they loved,” says Edward Canatelli, founder and chairman of Canatelli Builders, a luxury homebuilder based in Pompano Beach. “Our goal was to re-create that vacation feeling for them when they’re in their own backyard.”

Cascading water walls, multiple elevations, extravagant lighting features and even a koi pond were among the facets his client wanted to replicate. But just as not many people can build this kind of home, not many contractors can build this kind of pool. Several worthy candidates bid on the enviable project, but it was C.S. Pool Designs, Inc. of Boynton Beach that ultimately landed the gig. “It took between two and three years, multiple crews, 257,000 gallons of water, and a tractor trailer load of Pebble Tec,” explains C.S owner Charlie Stoetzel, “but they just send me the plans and I make it.”

Following the brilliant “map” laid out for him by landscape architect Stephanie Portis, who at the time was the lead on this elaborate project by KWD Landscape Architecture of Delray Beach (she’s since broken out on her own to form Boca Raton’s PLA Design Studio), he engineered and executed two sun shelfs, a gazebo and bar, an upper and lower spa, a conversation pit and a sun deck—all of which surround the expansive black onyx Pebble Tec-lined swimming pool.

And when the sun goes down, the light show begins. Using the latest technologies, Stoetzel installed 127 LED color-changing lights that illuminate the space in a multitude of colors and modes, all conveniently controlled via smartphone.

As evidenced by this pictorial, a successful collaboration of stellar talents, a visionary homeowner and a generous 9,000 square feet of space to “play” with are the recipe for a resort-like outdoor oasis of one’s dreams.

Just add water.

View Source: July / August 2021 – Boca magazine



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